MOMO Becomes Presenting Sponsor For 2016 Targa Trophy Series

MOMO Becomes Presenting Sponsor For 2016 Targa Trophy Series

MOMO Italy and MOMO USA are pleased to announce participation in the 2016 Targa Trophy series of events. This will include the Targa Trophy Supercar Festival on June 11, Euro vs JDM car show on July 23, and the Pebble Beach Rally in August.

“The Targa Trophy series is all about automotive enthusiasts driving and enjoying their cars,” said Jonathan Sieber from MOMO. “MOMO is all about turning cars from simple tools into a way of life, and we feel that the excitement generated by the Targa Trophy series reflects that ethos. It gives us a great way to meet likeminded enthusiasts, and will allow them to see the latest road wheels and steering wheels from this great Italian design house.”

Joining Jonathan on the Targa Trophy events will be a number of MOMO racing ambassadors, including Formula DRIFT champion Daijiro Yoshihara, IMSA Porsche champion Henrique Cisneros and Pirelli World Challenge driver Shea Holbrook. They will be joining Targa Trophy participants on the road routes, at the parties and will be available for autographs and photos throughout the events.

At each of the Targa Trophy events, MOMO will display its latest road wheels and steering wheels, as well as its racing driver equipment. This will include a number of brand new products launched for 2016 that will give an indication of the new design direction for the Italian tuning and racing company.

“Targa Trophy is an automotive event and lifestyle phenomenon. It provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your car on the road and at shows, while combining the social aspect of car ownership with its parties and gatherings. It was this combination of activities and the celebration of automotive culture that encouraged MOMO to participate in the Targa Trophy events for 2016,” said Sieber.

Targa Trophy road rallies are not races or timed events. It is an opportunity for owners to rally together with likeminded enthusiasts, appreciating their company as well as the performance and appearance of their vehicles. By combining road rallies with car shows and social activities, Targa Trophy allows automotive enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby and exercise their passion.

Please visit the official Targa Trophy website for event details and registration.


Interested media are invited to join MOMO as our guests at any of the Targa Trophy events. You will be able to drive the rally routes in MOMO vehicles with MOMO ambassadors, participate in all activities and meet the MOMO team. Please contact if you wish to take part.


MOMO Italy was established in 1964, inspired by the passion of racer Gianpiero Moretti. Starting with a single steering wheel, the company is headquartered in Milan, Italy with offices in the USA and a global commercial footprint.

MOMO distributes products in more than 60 countries, providing automotive accessories for race and streets cars, including premium road wheels, steering wheels, and motorsport safety equipment.

The company’s more than 50 years of history and passion for racing led MOMO to the production of top quality and distinctive racing gear. Focusing on design, technology, top safety standards, and optimum quality, MOMO is a worldwide leader in automotive accessories.

From the street to the track, we turn cars from simple tools into a way of life.

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Ever since 2007, Targa Trophy has focused on Southern California car culture and the active lifestyle. The So Cal location encourages the automobile and the owners’ personal aesthetic to be two of the key statements of style. It permits a unique way of life as well as inspiration, which can be found everywhere you look. This is what motivates the world of Targa Trophy – join us for the ride.

Targa Trophy is NOT a race or speed competition. Entrants must not race with other drivers at any time. Entrants must drive safely, and with courtesy to fellow participants and members of the public alike. Entrants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Entrants caught racing on public property or highways will be excluded from further participation in the event and banned from future events. No refunds will be made and all privileges will be revoked. All entrants must be over 18 for the rallies, and over 21 for the after-party venues. All events take place rain or shine.

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