MOMO Automotive Accessories Inc Appoints Jonathan Sieber as General Manager and ID Agency as Agency of Record


The Italian automotive accessories brand, which produces a distinctive range of steering wheels, road wheels and motorsport accessories, has a number of things to celebrate this year.

Not only is the MOMO brand entering its 50th anniversary year with new impetus, but has appointed Jonathan Sieber as the new General Manager of MOMO Automotive Accessories Inc.

The American distribution arm of the Italian parent company comes under the control of Sieber, who spent the last nine years with Recaro – another cornerstone of the automotive industry.

Sieber brings a wealth of automotive experience and knowledge to the position, with the aim of propelling MOMO USA forward towards its 60th anniversary!

When asked about the move, Sieber commented: “There are only a handful of recognizable, high-end, auto-related performance brands in the world, and MOMO sits towards the top of that list. The chance to lead the organization for the Americas is a rare opportunity, which I am extremely fortunate to have been presented with,” he said. “Furthermore, the product line blends motorsport and road car tuning, allowing us to fully exploit MOMO’s 50-year history in both.”

Being born and raised in Detroit, it was perhaps inevitable that Sieber would be a lifelong car guy. “The ability to now connect the iconic Italian MOMO brand to Detroit is a very exciting opportunity,” he said. “Our Americas team will forge a new brand presence, allowing consumers to explore the lifestyle that correlates to MOMO products and heritage. We will increase our distribution network and create a new buying experience for consumers. As a result of this, I strongly believe we will experience excellent growth for both our road wheel and motorsport equipment products – two of our major product lines.”

Over the next few months, Jonathan will continue to settle into his role and increase its exposure to Detroit’s automakers, with the goal of raising MOMO’s profile in its very special anniversary year. To help him communicate the brand’s message and manage brand activations, MOMO Automotive Accessories Inc has appointed ID Agency as its Agency of Record.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, ID Agency has many years of experience with a large portfolio of premier automotive and lifestyle brands. “ID Agency’s expertise is second to none,” explained Sieber.

“ID Agency is able to handle all our critical brand development activities including social media, content creation, media relations, print and digital advertising, product placement, event planning and brand ambassadors,” he continued. “They will also execute our consumer activations, which will create a direct connection to the media or social outreach. Our consumers and retailers will both enjoy the exposure and passion created by ID Agency as they help us drive the company’s growth and brand awareness.”

Victor Carrillo, President of ID Agency commented, “We are delighted to add MOMO to our client portfolio. It fits perfectly with the other premium European brands we represent, and we can see plenty of opportunities to bring some of these together for marketing and PR activities.”


The company was established in 1964 and is headquartered in Milan, Italy, with a subsidiary in the USA – MOMO Automotive Accessories Inc. The company sells products for the aftermarket and motorsport in more than 60 countries around the world under the "MOMO" and "MOMO Corse" brands. 

MOMO remains focused on light alloy road wheels, while also developing innovative racing products used by many top teams. MOMO brings the finest Italian style, a long tradition of quality, extensive racing experience and technological innovation that is respectful of the environment.

We turn cars from simple tools into a way of life.

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Jonathan Sieber
General Manager
MOMO Automotive Accessories Inc.

Greg Emmerson
ID Agency