olloclip presents 'A Gallery For Ants'

Last Thursday olloclip introduced their avant-garde, miniature art exhibition, A Gallery for Ants, exclusively to Media & VIP during an intimate reception surrounding the US Open of Surfing at the beautiful Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach, Calif.


olloclip and award-winning surf and adventure photographer Chris Burkard exhibited "The World's Smallest Curated Art Gallery" which featured Chris Burkard's photographs - all shot with an olloclip lens - in shrunken form. Guests viewed these incredible coin sized photos through the olloclip macro lens attached to a tethered iPod Touch.


The pedestal installations were designed in a gallery format and shadow box style, and feature mini benches, ropes, light and of course, art. Excitement filled the room as guests' eyes lit up viewing these tiny photos through the olloclip lens.

"There's something to be said for photos that draw you in, you know? I think that's the overall feeling that I have as I'm walking up to these stands. You're uniquely engaged in these pictures in a totally different way. These photos are meant to get so close that you're actually touching them. It's intimate." - Chris Burkard


Guests included professional surfer Dane Reynolds and skaters Jamie Thomas and Joey Brezinski, world renowned photographers Estevan Oriol, Willie T, Jason Kenworthy and Quang Le, Candice Huckeba from Radio Disney and olloclip founder Patrick O'Neill amongst others


"When we told the hotel that we wanted to come in and curate the world's smallest  art gallery it caught their attention right off the bat. The whole idea behind A Gallery for Ants is to take photos from Chris Burkard's travels, where he's been able to shoot some fantastic photography with a mobile device and an olloclip lens, and then shrink that down to the size of a coin where you actually need an olloclip lens to see it. For us it's kind of like a double win. And a triple win when you put Chris into the equation." - Tim DeBrincat, Director of Marketing at olloclip.

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