Pirelli’s 2013 Motorsport Season Kickoff Event

Earlier this month the ID Agency PR team traveled to Milan Italy to take part in Pirelli’s 2013 Motorsport Season kickoff event. The annual event is hosted at different locales around the world but this year’s location was none other than Pirelli’s Global Headquarters in Milan. Media from around the globe were brought in to take a look behind the walls of Pirelli’s HQ and Tire testing labs. Pirelli showcased the development of their Formula 1 tires as well as the manufacturing of their high performance street tires. During the press conference Pirelli introduced new brand ambassador and former F1 driver Jean Alesi alongside the new tire compounds for the 2013 Formula 1 Season. Pirelli will produce over 50,000 tires for the 2013 season of F1 and they are predicting more pit stops and faster lap times. The ID Agency secured top tier media from North America to attend this special event. Pirelli_Motorsport 2013_5

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