RECARO Featured on "Fast N' Loud" TV Show




Car fanatics Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman of Discovery Channel’s #1 rated cable TV show, FAST N’ LOUD, went into overdrive when Richard saw an opportunity to expand Gas Monkey Garage and buy one of the rarest cars in the world, the Ferrari F-40.

Richard called upon one of our ID agency staff  to ask for a couple favors in acquiring some car parts that wouldn't make  the Ferrari purists completely turn against him; although we knew he had intentions of painting the car completely black and we were really excited about it.

photo 14

RECARO stepped up in a big way and had a set of seat shells immediately shipped out from Germany to Detroit where they were hand assembled and rush delivered by Jennifer Nicole who was there to make sure key talking points were made, the seats were installed and things went smoothly.

Check out the episode "Ferrari Fix Part 2" to see some familiar brands including our friends at HRE and Jackson Marketing Group.


Well done Gas Monkey! The Ferrari F40 got a nice update and looks like something we will be begging you to use as a display car at some of our upcoming events!