RECARO Sponsors Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare World Record at X Games

A few months ago the ID Agency received a call from one of the Team Hot Wheels drivers requesting the absolute best seats for an unbelievable stunt they were about to do during this years X Games. They needed the lightest, best performance seat and they could only consider using RECARO. The ID Agency worked with RECARO to help sponsor and partner with Hot Wheels for  this years stunt so the drivers would surely be safe, even having pulled 7 G's of force in the upside down loop.

Both Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy had identical Pro Racer HANS SPA seats which are made of Kevlar carbon fibre material and feature optimum interplay between the HANS system, harness, helmet, and racing shell in order for the HANS system to achieve its full potential.

The ID Agency would like to congratulate our friends on breaking a new World Record! Great job drivers!