RECARO LA Auto Show Event Recap

On November 28th, the ID Agency held a reception for RECARO Automotive on the first night of the Los Angeles Auto Show. The objective was to invite enthusiast and mainstream media, OEM representatives, tuning shops, aftermarket suppliers, tire manufacturers and automotive partners to meet the RECARO team. Markus Kussmaul, the Vice President of North and South America, attended and gave a short speech highlighting RECARO's success and future plans for expansion in North America.

RECARO wanted to highlight its heritage and emphasis on safety; not only did the reception feature the infamous Mitusbishi Lancer Evolution that crashed at Pikes Peak this year, but the drivers, Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov, were in attendance as well. A short video that we produced was debuted during the event that showed the graphic crash footage.

We worked on getting some very notable cars to the event including Ken Block and Bucky Lasek's GRC rally cars, Tanner Foust's Special Edition Ford Focus ST, Josh Barnett's Mustang GT500, Brian Scotto's infamous "Hoonigan" Porsche, Source Interlink's Scion FR-S project, D3's highly modified CTS-V and ATS, BBi's custom rebuilt Porsche 911 and John Pangilinan's Hyundai Veloster that won an award during this years SEMA show.

The reception had a fantastic turnout in spite of the rain and several other competing auto show parties and receptions nearby. Automotive industry guests and media stayed until long past our intended 9 p.m. end time. Notable attendees include world renowned drivers Ken Block, Tanner Foust, Bucky Lasek, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Tommy Kendall, as well as representatives from Cadillac, Mazda USA, American Honda Motor Company, Toyota, Porsche Motorsports North America, Skip Barber Racing School and D3. A Forza Horizon gaming station was set up for guests to play, as the game actually features a special RECARO Rush portion. The game was cued up specifically for guests to play that section.

We want to give a big thanks to our sponsors for this event including RACER Magazine, Russian Standard Vodka and +Red Elixir for their generous support.