Pirelli Miles And Meals Cookbook Debut

Last weekend, an exclusive list of automotive and culinary media guests were treated to the debut of the Pirelli Miles and Meals cookbook. The book opens by drawing a parallel between kitchen recipes and tire compounds. Both are the result of top quality ingredients and the harmonious balance between them, as well as constant checking, years of experience and undivided attention to the end client: whether it’s a team using tires or a privileged guest in the motorhome.

Another element in common is human know-how. The touch of an expert is crucial in the kitchen and no less vital when it comes to dealing with the cutting-edge technology that that characterizes the production of modern competition tires. This essential element is reflected by one key word in the book’s subheading, “handcrafted”, and also by the photographs that depict Pirelli’s engineers measuring, analyzing and preparing the tires for competition.

The book takes in some of the best dishes to emerge from their kitchen, race after race across all four corners of the world. Accompanying the recipes – all naturally based on Italian cuisine, but often influenced by the flavors of the countries visited during the year – are strikingly original photographs of the ingredients in a Formula One context, particularly when it comes to pasta.

The recipes from “Miles and Meals” will shortly be available in digital form as well, to download through the Pirelli website.