The ID Agency Updates Formula DRIFT Website

fd-web-v2-1 Formula DRIFT is the premiere drifting series in the world and as an innovative company the website must also be cutting-edge.  For the 2009 Championship season the homepage layout was updated to serve several purposes including: providing the most up to date information and news on the series, provide a channel for ticket sales, and showcase the 2009 schedule.

Added to Formula DRIFT website is a custom video player that will showcase the latest and greatest Formula DRIFT video.   Also added is the addition of social networking links and with Formula DRIFT on top of Web2.0 strategies their fans can now access directly the additional accounts Formula DRIFT has including Vimeo, Twitter, and Facebook.  The home page News slides have been given an updated navigation tool making it very user friendly and including Formula DRIFT Polls, which will be updated monthly.

The Schedule is a very important key element of the site as Formula DRIFT is event driven.  Each event in the schedule will include information such as ticket prices, individual event information, and even the results from previous years making the Formula DRIFT site fan-friendly.

Formula DRIFT website update 2