Formula DRIFT at Turn 10 Studios

Photobucket The ID Agency invited Formula DRIFT drivers Rhys Millen, Daijiro Yoshihara, and Chris Forsberg for a tour of Turn 10 Studios, the creators of Forza Motorsport 3. In addition both Import Tuner magazine and were invited for an exclusive chance to check out the studio and capture the drivers’ experience with the game, as well as get a chance to test the game out for themselves. The event coincided with Formula DRIFT Round 5: Breaking Point which has WAS in Monroe, WA that same weekend. The drivers and editors were introduced to the overall vision of the game by Dan Greenawalt and a studio tour was given by John Wendl of Turn 10 Studios. A drifting video game demonstration was given by Turn 10’s resident drifting expert Landin Williams and the drivers and editors were then asked to test out the game and attempt to drift. Here is what they had to say;

“Forza 3 is amazing. From its graphics, environment, acoustics, broad scope of cars, and most importantly, playability, Forza 3 is game for car enthusiasts made by car enthusiasts. With the steering wheel and proper seat (not your sofa), Forza 3 is the closest thing to a track day without having to drive to the track.” Carter Jung, editor of Import Tuner


“The attention to detail in both the vehicles and tracks with the imagery surpasses any other video game I’ve played before. The exciting line-up of each individual vehicle also makes for a great game.”

Rhys Millen, Red Bull World Drifting Champion